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    Advantages of Traveling with a Spring Break Company

    As many college students log online to decide what they want to do for Spring Break every year, the question comes into play, “What are the advantages of booking with a Spring Break travel company?”

    There are many advantages of booking your Spring Break through a student tour operator.. the first being that they send on-site staff to these destinations.  When students have questions or need ANY type of assistance in a foreign place with no parents around, it is nice to have someone they can count on and a helping hand that is accessible 24/7.  Spring Break travel companies make sure to send their students to Spring Breaker friendly resorts that they have contracted large blocks of rooms at so you know you will be around other Spring Breakers from all across the country.  Another key qualification to look for in your Spring Break tour operator would be post-departure travel insurance to make sure if anything were to happen to you during your trip you are covered in a variety of ways!  College students make mistakes and student travel operators understand this.  When planning your trip these companies will make sure that they get you flights specifically for large groups or flights better suited for smaller groups of individuals.  If you do a have a large group you plan on traveling with you should take advantage of group discounts, free trips, and commissions that a company has to offer for group organizers!  This will make sure you get the most bang for your buck.  In being so expertise and acquainted with Spring Break many companies offer VIP party packages that will save you a lot of money when you go out clubbing and make sure you aren’t walking around a foreign place with large sums of cash to party with. These packages will get you into the hottest clubs and concerts where you know all other Spring Breakers will be and make sure you are occupied everyday with DJ’s, contests, prizes to make your Spring Break unforgettable.  If you have any questions about traveling through a student tour operator give us a call today at 1-800-648-4849.

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