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    Student Travel Services offers the best price guaranteed. If you find a price lower than ours offered anywhere, we will match or beat that price.

    You are eligible for a price-match if your request meets the following conditions:

    • Price quote must be provided to Student Travel Services in writing.
    • Price must be from a legitimate travel company.
    • Vacation package must be for the same dates, departure city and hotel.
    • The Vacation Package must be available at the price offered in the written quote.

    When requesting a price match, please be aware that prices will be compared on the following criteria:

    • Price comparisons include the Vacation package price plus peak week surcharges, departure city surcharges, departure taxes, fees and handling charges when calculating the competitor's total price in comparison to Student Travel Services Vacation package price.
    • Our Low Price Guarantee does not apply when you use coupons, rebates, promotional offers, or group rates.
    • STS will monitor the matched price. If the matched price increases at any time prior to departure, for any reason, STS reserves the right to pass this increase on to you.
    • The Best Price Guarantee is subject to change at any time.

    In today's travel industry, everything is very competitive with low margins and little profits. We have set prices that we feel are competitive and reasonable. However, there are times when the decision becomes a choice between who can provide the lowest price. Because we do not want this to be a customers main decision factor, we offer price matching. We will match any valid competitor's price. Just send us, in writing, the competitor's offer and we will match it.

    Please keep in mind, that we will monitor this price. If the competing price in increase in any way, we reserve the right to pass that increase on as well.

    What do we mean by valid? In our 20 years in the industry, we have seen Spring Break Company's come and go. There are some companies out there that sell below cost to attract clients and when their volume of business has increased, they decide it's time shut down business. The owners cease to exist anymore and take your money with them. Even with established student companies there are added hidden fees that certain companies do not tell you about up front, (for example, handling fees or airport add-ons). They will only give you a base rate and later on will say, "You need to add these prices as add-ons" making them more expensive than what you and your client originally thought. STS is very up front and gives the total amount of what the trip will cost when quoting a vacation package.

    Other factors besides price should also be considered when comparing tour operators:

    • Is the tour operator easy to contact?
    • Are they friendly and helpful?
    • When they tell you the reservation is confirmed, is it? (Many companies will tell passengers something is confirmed on the assumption that a wait list will clear in time so they do not jeopardize losing the customer. We have a policy of never making false claims. If something is not available, we tell you and give you other options to choose from. Our policy is to never mislead our clients.)
    • Is the wholesaler licensed? (We are a fully licensed wholesale company with the ability to issue tickets on site. With a 25-year history in the business, as well as our affiliation with the ASTA, the National Tour Association, we have a strong foundation of expertise and passenger trust.)


    Student Travel Services is the only company to guarantee that your price will not change once you make your trip deposit.

    Travel companies offering public charters have the right to increase your price at anytime by up to 10%. Our competitors have charged up to $58 per person each year for the past 5 years. Avoid any last minute surprises by booking with Student Travel Services.