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    SPRING BREAK IN Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

    Located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata is a beautiful scenic area with picturesque beaches and a breathtaking mountain backdrop. On the east side of the city lies Playa Dorada, a safe, gated community with over a dozen separate resorts - each with their own restaurants, bars and swimming pools. Also located in Playa Dorada is a shopping center and popular nightlife such as Coco Bongo and Senor Rocks! The beach is wide with golden sand and crystal clear waters and offers a dazzling view of downtown Puerto Plata.

    Top Hotels for Spring Break in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic!

    Here at STS we have done our research to select the most Spring Break worthy resorts and hotels Puerta Plata has to offer! We chose the hottest resorts with the best entertainment for you to go. Get ready to party with your fellow spring breakers from around the globe. We have the best deals and cheapest packages at all the hottest resorts and hotels in Puerta Plata. Don't take our word for it-see for yourself!

    Viva Wyndham Tangerine - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

    At the Viva Wyndham Tangerine, discover an outdoor playground along the stunning North Coast shores of th...More Info

    Best Spring Break Nightclubs in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic?

    Be prepared to party into the early hours in Puerto Plata. With local island rum, beach parties and night clubs you are sure to own the night on your Spring Break!

    Senor Rock - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

    Located a few miles from Puerto Plata this bar boasts live music every night of the week!...More Info

    CoCo Bongo - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

    CoCo Bongo is the place to be for large crowds of late night Spring Breaker's. Located next to the resor...More Info

    Ocean World Casino - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

    Is the most elegant Casino in the Dominican Republic. Here one can enjoy a choice of the most popular ta...More Info


    • Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - Amazing Nightlife

      Amazing Nightlife

      Be prepared to party into the early hours in Puerto Plata. With local island rum, beach parties and night clubs you are sure to own the night on your Spring Break!

    • Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - Brugal Rum

      Brugal Rum

      With three distilleries throughout the island, this is a favorite among the locals. A must-try for all Spring Breakers!

    • Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - Beautiful Beaches

      Beautiful Beaches

      Enjoy the small surfers-esque beach scene! Sit back and relax with some Brugal's on the sofas scattered throughout the sand.

    • Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - Ocean World

      Ocean World

      Encounter all sorts of wildlife such as dolphins, sharks, stingrays and sea lions! Spend a day here and fall in love with the Dominican sea life.

    • Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - Kite Surfing

      Kite Surfing

      A popular activity on the island, this is a must for people who love adventure. Maybe you'll even find a new favorite hobby!