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    How Travel Agents help plan successful Group Spring Break Vacations

    Travel Agents help plan successful Group Spring Break Vacations

    How Do Travel Agents help plan successful Group Spring Break Vacations

    The are so many reasons to work with a Travel Agent to help plan your Spring Break Group Vacation.

    Superior customer service includes knowledge of all possible destinations and matching the right vacation to your group’s expectations.

    Industry network of valuable relationships to answer questions and solve problems quickly when planning and during your trip.

    Save time for you by matching your destination and expectations with the right resort, eliminating any confusion

    Contract details can be difficult to understand, their knowledge eliminates confusion and avoids possible problems.

    Payment plans that help spread out payments over time reducing credit card interest charges vs. online websites that charge for the entire trip up front

    Sale prices for flights, hotels and cruises you would not otherwise know about ensures any price reduction even after you have booked.

    Knowledge of airports as some may require longer connection times.  An agent will find the most convenient flights at the lowest price.

    Why depending on the Web can be frustrating

    Cannot quickly answer your questions, sometimes it requires a huge investment of time and energy, being on hold or waiting for an email response, causing confusion and frustration.

    Questions cannot be answered, for example which travel itinerary would be best for you and your Group because there is no one there.  You can read all day and still not know.

    Payment is required in full resulting in credit card interest that usually can be avoided.

    Travel changes and corrections are difficult especially during the trip and can be expensive.

    Cheap travel options are not automatically offered

    Travel Agent vs. Online Website Conclusion

    If you are a seasoned traveler, your trip is simple, you can communicate well in foreign countries and you are prepared to handle risk, delays and surprises as they happen, then the online service is a good solution.

    Younger inexperienced travelers are tech-savy but overall appreciate advice from experienced agents.  Older travelers see the value of having the Travel Advisor look after all the details and knowing they will once again be a very happy customer.  According to a 2015 study by Lodestar Advisory Partners, 92 percent of U.S. leisure travelers who used an agent plan to turn to an agent again.

    STSTravel has a full team of seasoned travel professionals ready to assist you in planning your Spring Break Group Vacation. Our relationships with the top hotel brands and airlines enable us to provide the best prices possible, saving you hundreds on the cost of your vacation.

    Planning Group Vacations

    Matching Groups with the Best Destination and Resort

    Type of Group Spring Break Vacation the group could be any type of reunion, school sports team with parents, wedding with friends, kids and grandparents, families that travel together every year. Also known as Multi Generational.

    Details of managing tickets, resort reservations, excursions, changes, last minute requests and staying on budget – all require strong organization skills to ensure your group gets where they are going safely and on time.

    Save time & money by paying attention to details can personalize your group vacation.

    Start as early as possible so that you can obtain agreement from the group on school break timing and parents can request time off work.  To get the best price remember all prices go up the closer you get to departure.  Give time for everyone to agree and be financially prepared for deposits.

    A Group Organizer can work with the Agent to help with communication and keep the group organized.  This Group Organizer can earn a free trip or pass on the value as savings to the group.

    Activity lists and schedules need to be established and using an online survey can help by allowing each member to decide on how they spend their time together with the group and apart from the group.  Example: Hiking, biking or beach and kids club or golf and adult pool or great food and a Spa.  Each will need a plan A and plan B as weather could interrupt the best of plans.

    You want to select Travel Agents who are experts in Family Group Vacations to Mexico and the Caribbean and watch them make arrangements that are tailor-made for your group, resulting in an exceptional experience for everyone.

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