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    Spring Break Airport Layovers
    Spring Break Airport Layovers

    How do you spend your time during Airport Layovers? Spring Break is just around the corner, and college students everywhere are starting to plan their trips. If you’re flying to your Spring Break destination, you’ll likely have to deal with at least one layover. Here are a few things to do to make the most of your layover and avoid boredom:

    Spring Break Cabo
    Spring Break Party Cruise

    Explore the airport: Most airports have a lot to offer, even if you’re just passing through. Take some time to wander around and check out the shops, restaurants, and attractions.

    Get some work done: If you have some work to catch up on, use your layover as an opportunity to get it done. Most airports have plenty of places to sit and work, and you can even get free Wi-Fi in some cases.

    Catch up on your reading: If you’ve been meaning to finish that book, your layover is the perfect time to do it. Most airports have bookstores or libraries where you can borrow books.

    People-watch: One of the best things about airports is the people-watching. Take some time to sit back and watch the world go by. You might even see some celebrities!

    Take a nap: If you’re feeling tired, take a nap in one of the airport’s many lounges or seating areas. Just be sure to set an alarm so you don’t miss your flight!

    Get a massage: If you’re feeling stressed, treat yourself to a massage. Many airports have massage chairs or spas that offer quick and affordable massages.

    Go shopping: If you’re looking for some last-minute souvenirs, take some time to do some shopping at the airport’s many stores. You can find everything from clothes and jewelry to electronics and souvenirs.

    Have a drink or two: If you’re of legal drinking age, enjoy a drink or two at one of the airport’s many bars or restaurants. Just be sure to pace yourself so you don’t miss your flight!

    No matter what you choose to do, make sure to enjoy your layover and relax before your big trip. For more information on Spring Break, visit www.ststravel.com

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