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    Today we are tipping our hats to the brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma at the University of Central Oklahoma.  Their highly impressive dance moves from their school’s annual Cheer and Dance competition for homecoming weekend went viral this past week in a video published of 24 members performing a highly choreographed three and a half minute routine that included lifts, stunts, chants, and hilarious dance moves.

    The brothers have since decided to take advantage of their widespread reach to bring attention to its national philanthropy, the Special Olympics.  The video has more than 5 million views and 55,000 shares!  They started a GoFundMe page a week ago with a $5,000 goal (that they are almost at) where people can donate to their Special Olympics philanthropy cause.

    You will notice in the video that this routine definitely took a lot of time and planning as a routine such as this is no easy task.  Their song mashup includes a variety of old jams and new tunes with artists such as Migos, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Tommy Tutone, and Simple Minds.  Their outfit of choice was “jorts” and fanny packs across the board that kept the audience laughing.  They practiced four times a week from 9pm to 12am to make sure they would win the #1 spot and even had a whole day dedicated to getting their outfits together.  They received a huge helping hand from two female choreographers on campus Ashlie Durao and Dylan Cargill.

    Chapter president, Cameron Golshani said, “You throw your manhood out the window and you just try to be the most entertaining person you can be.”  Well he sure is right there, as people can’t get enough of this frat’s killer moves.  We are blown away by Sigma Tau Gamma using their viral spread for a great cause and putting campus fraternities in a positive light!  Keep on dancing guys!

    Sigma Tau Gamma at University of Central Oklahoma





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