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    Become a Campus Influencer

    Become a Campus Influencer

    Become a campus influencer and you travel free, earn money and receive free benefits! You don’t need to be a top tier influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers to promote ideas throughout your campus and get strong messages across. There are a few simple strategies for you to follow to become a brand ambassador or campus representative on your campus to promote ideas and products that you are passionate about.

    The first key to success is to make sure you are having just as many IN PERSON interactions with social groups among your campus as you are online.  People still appreciate authentic interactions and matching a real live face with an online profile.  This online profile should be used to nurture that existing relationship and interact with their profiles online whether you are commenting, tagging, or liking each other’s content.

    Relative content is very important. It captures the attention of your audience for the campaign you are targeting but still blends in with your everyday activity on your social media accounts.  You wouldn’t want a page of relaxed scenic posts in your everyday life and then all of a sudden create posts promoting some random fitness gear; that would seem extremely phony and staged. Most students on college campuses are very “follow the leader” mind oriented and will identify with likable, direct individuals.

    The amount of followers you have on social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat is important, however, you want to make sure that these followers are relevant in that they are and could be consumers of whatever campaign you are trying to target.  You could have all the followers in the world but if they are in a different age demographic than the main consumers of your product then you will completely miss the boat even with all these followers.

    Being a campus representative for STS travel is the same as being a campus ambassador or Campus influencer. We make it very simple!  You use your existing connections on campus and use social media to get the word out about an exciting school trip. Some of the most successful campus representatives have earned a lot of cash and free travel. In addition, this would look good on your resume. Contact us at info@ststravel.com or call 1-800-648-4849 if you are interested.

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