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    How to Pack for Spring Break

    How to Pack for Spring Break

    How to Pack for Spring Break

    Spring Break is less than a few weeks away- time to get organized!  Be sure to check your airline’s website to check bag height/weight allowances and any other regulations before you begin packing.    You can also check TSA’s page for general travel information.  (TSA 3 oz rule:  https://www.tsa.gov)  Be sure to leave a Xerox copy of your passport with someone you trust in case yours is lost/stolen.  Also, e-mail yourself a copy for safe keeping.

    When traveling internationally you are generally allowed to have one suitcase to check, one carry-on bag and one personal item.  You can actually fit quite a bit in to a carry-on bag (make sure you also check the weight/height specs).  I usually pack my carry-on full of the items I would not be able to function without if my bag was *fingers crossed* lost.   Check out the following list of what to pack in each of your 3 bags.

    carry on you bag

    This is a bag you can use as your “personal item”

    Carry on/Personal Item:



    Credit cards



    *Have extra room? Cram anything that won’t fit in to your luggage bag in here

    Carry-on Bag

    What to Pack in Your Carry-on Bag

    Carry-on (larger):

    Cell phone charger

    Magazine or other reading material


    A few snack-chips, cookies, trail mix.  Pack something, you will get hungry on the plane and keep the leftovers for your room.

    Sunglasses (pack a few, you will lose them)

    Pair of flip flops:

    1 full change of clothes just in case of a lost bag.

    1 bathing suit- throw this on and head to the beach if you arrive before room check-in

    Towel- this can also double as a blanket/head rest/pillow for uncomfortable plane rides.  If you plan on taking a nap try to get the window seat, it will be almost impossible in the middle seat.

    Medication- anything you need to take on a daily basis.  Make sure the medicine is in the original prescription bottle.

    Camera- not your cell phone

    Aspirin/Motrin (Ibuprofen)

    *Have extra room? Cram anything that won’t fit in to your luggage bag in here

    What to Pack in Your Suitcase for Spring Break

    What to Pack in Your Suitcase for Spring Break

    Bag Check Bound Suitcase:

    *Roll your clothes.  This method is best for saving space and reducing wrinkles.

    Sun block (multiple) – you don’t want to wind up paying 24$ for a can of sunscreen that would have cost 7$ at Target.

    ALL of your bathing suits- most of your time will be spent on the beach

    Insect repellant- at night insects begin to bite

    A nice outfit


    Foldable tote bag/wristlet

    Ziploc bags

    Fedora/baseball Hat


    Packing smart will eliminate Spring Break stress, leaving more time to party!  Have a great Spring Break and we will see you all there!  Party Packages and last minute packages are still available!  Don’t miss out on Spring Break 2013.  Did I forget anything?  Leave a comment below with your must have items for spring break

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