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    Acapulco Video Release


    Our Acapulco trip was one we could never forget and now we wont have to. Our Acapulco video is now live and it has us reminiscing on the good times! Check it out on YouTube or our Facebook page. This destination is ready for spring breakers, the question is are spring breakers ready for Acapulco?

    Check out what fellow travelers had to say about their experience in the beautiful Acapulco:

    ” Traveling to Acapulco, Mexico was by far one of the most memorable experiences I have ever been had. The most amazing part of the whole trip would have to be the scenery; the landscape in Acapulco was breath-taking, as well as the beautiful beaches with perfectly blue water. We have all been to night clubs and bars, but in Acapulco, they take nightclubs to a whole other level. Palladium, Acapulco’s premiere night club, left me with the most amazing experience and brought partying to another extreme. It was great to see different levels of intensity at the different clubs and even just the bars for pre-gaming. Acapulco used to be a big destination for spring break, and it died off for a while; but we are here to tell you that it is no longer dead. It is a great, relaxing and fun-filled destination with so many opportunities for a good time. You will not want to miss out, Acapulco is definitely a number 1 choice for the ultimate college spring break experience. The service at the resorts and night clubs is unlike anything you have ever seen, you will not be caught with an empty drink in your hand; staff and servers are on top of their game to make sure that tourists are experiencing the best of everything and always having a great time. I just got back, but cannot wait to go again! If you are looking for a great spring break, one to remember forever; look no further, Acapulco is the place to be!” Danielle Diffenderfer- Salisbury University Senior


    “Acapulco! Where do I even begin? Words cannot even attempt to describe the experience I had. The clubs are insane, the pre game locations were so kind and generous, and the resorts are what you would expect from a 5-star resort in the states. The people of Acapulco are very kind and friendly and want nothing more than for you to have a great time. I have already recommended to my friends to explore Acapulco and I will recommend it to you as well. Most of the day we would spend on the beach or relaxing by the pool and the nights were an adventurous rendezvous with friends to make an unbelievable experience. You get a great cultural experience as well as many memorable memories shared with friends. Experience Acapulco!”- Robert Greer, TKE Towson University


    “The Copa Cabana Hotel in Acapulco was a great time!! The staff was extremely welcoming and attentive and made the trip extremely fun. From the second we arrived, we were treated very well by all hotel staff and were eager to get our room! The room was very nice, air conditioned, and very spacious. It was also great to have a room with a view! Now…. We were in Mexico, so right away we went downstairs to the pool bar and were greeted with tequila shots!! While we laid down by the pool, servers would bring everyone by the pool water, or ask what they could get us. There were times when our group order 10 + drinks at a time, and the servers brought them over in just a few minutes! I have personally never been at a hotel with such hard-working people who want to make the vacationers time so enjoyable!

    I was also lucky enough to leave the resort and visit other hotels, as well as villas. The hotels were all very different and had something unique about each. My absolute favorite were the villas. They were gorgeous and had one of the best views I have ever seen in my entire life. I took my favorite picture there! I can’t wait for my senior spring break because that is definitely one of my top choices!


    Along with the hotels and villas, another favorite part of the trip was going to restaurants and clubs off the resort! The clubs in Acapulco are CRAZY and an amazing place for spring breakers! The whole time I was imagining how much fun it would be to be with my entire class. The music was great, and like I said all the workers in Acapulco are very attentive. I would finish one drink and before I could even put it down, the server would be their refilling my next. It felt like paradise.
    As a whole, the trip was so much fun! I met great new friends, and had an amazing experience that I am excited to share with others!”- Rachel Kofman, Bryant University

    Acapulco Fam Trip 2015!



    STS Staff members and selected campus reps from colleges around the U.S were granted the amazing opportunity to experience first-hand what Acapulco has to offer as a Spring break destination. STS Travel teamed up with the Acapulco Travel Board to provide this trip which included access to the nicest all-inclusive resorts, top clubs/bars, and beaches in Acapulco. Acapulco welcomed us with opened arms and we can’t wait to share our experiences with all of you! Below are reviews from staff and reps describing their time in Acapulco:

    “My recent visit to experience the beautiful Acapulco will be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. From the friendly and great people of the Copacabana Hotel, to the unbelievable night life, Acapulco makes claim for a top Spring Break destination. The clean rooms and beautiful beaches at the resort made our stay very relaxing. The pool area was always playing great upbeat music and the staff kept the drinks flowing. The pool and beach both overlook the cove that is complemented by mountains which make for a great scenic view. The great nightlife is what really set Acapulco apart. Ranging from an open air relaxed environment at Love and the Palladium Terrace to the up beat club scene offered by Baby O and Palladium, there is a great range of things to do at night. The local people are always excited to see us and want to make Acapulco a top Spring Break destination. I felt very safe traveling around town and was happy to have a chance to experience the beautiful city. I am already planning on visiting again and would recommend this destination to all college kids looking for a great time on their Spring Break.” – Dan, UMD Senior/Campus rep/Phi Delt


    “Recently I was given the opportunity to travel to Acapulco and experience all that is has to offer. From the second I stepped off the plane I was amazed by the beautiful landscape, beaches, and even the genuine warm welcoming from all the locals and staff members that we met during the duration of our stay. The views from our rooms at the Copacabana Resort were breathtaking. Days consisted of lounging by the pool with a drink in our hands and the staff members made sure they were full at all times. The nightlife brought our trip to a whole other level. From the enthusiastic staff and fireworks at Si Senor to cave like setting at Baby’O to the insane lighting and music at the Palladium, each with an incredible view overlooking of the entire city, there was never a dull moment. I will definitely be coming back to Acapulco and encourage everyone to consider this destination for their spring break trip!”- Meghan, STS Sales Manager

    “If you’re searching for the ultimate spring break destination, look no further than Acapulco, Mexico.  The combination of amazing beaches, friendly staff, and incredible nightlife is enough to have me looking up flights to go back.  Whether we were at the beach, the pool or one of the clubs we were never without a drink in our hands.  Palladium is a night club like no other.  If you want amazing music, even better drinks, and a view that compare to nothing else- this is the place for you.  I was continually surprised with just how beautiful the views were in this picturesque town.  Crystal clear blue waters were complimented by stunning cliffs and mountains covered in lush greenery.”- Elizabeth, Towson University Senior/ Campus rep/Zeta Tau Alpha



    “Acapulco, Mexico is known for its spirited nightlife, generous hospitality, and mountainous sights. As we embarked on our journey unfamiliar with the area, I can honestly say this city blew us all away. Waking up to the luminous water overlooking our balcony to the energetic night life, I think it’s safe to say we had the time of our lives thanks to the Copacabana. This resort offers beautiful beaches, water aerobics, volleyball and an array of delicious drinks! After we soaked up the sun on the beach and participated in some day drinking by the pool, we ate authentic Mexican food at the resort restaurant before getting ready for the night! Each club we went to was extravagant all including accommodating bartenders that were right there as soon as you needed another drink. These clubs offer exceptional views as the city becomes brightly lit up once the sun goes down, making it quite a beautiful sight. The booze cruise also gave us a different perspective of the city as we indulged in the Mexican culture by listening to live local music while touring Acapulco. I would recommend this location to spring breakers that are ready to take their experience to the next level as they will not be disappointed. This trip is definitely one to remember and I can’t wait to see this location become one of the most requested destination once more people experience it!”- Alaina, STS Sales Representative

    Stay tuned for more reviews from actual travelers..!


    What is an All-Inclusive resort?



    An allinclusive resort is a vacation resort that includes all meals, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, gratuities, and possibly other services in the price. Not only are meals included at the buffets but also at the restaurants that are located on the resort. Alcoholic drinks are free at any bar, restaurant and even at the pool bars or pool decks where in many cases drinks are served to you by staff members. Don’t worry about losing your cash in the water, in all- inclusive resorts your wallet can stay safely in your room.

    STS Travel understands that people are not made of money, especially during their college years. We make sure to keep that in mind when designing our travel packages. STS Travel offers resorts that are all-inclusive so you can keep your expenses as low as possible while still enjoying a fun-filled vacation.

    Not only do we offer all-inclusive resorts but our packages include extra amenities that will keep money in your pocket including:







    Secret extra fees are not our style. We like to offer you an upfront deal that will cover all aspects of your trip. So go ahead and get another drink, its included after all!






    Cancun 2015 Recap!


    Now that the sun is finally shining in the states it has got STS in the mood to do a 2015 Cancun Recap.  Summer is right around the corner so it’s time to get to get that Cancun tan back and put your feet in some sand. If exams have your brain fried and you forgot how to let loose and party, let us remind you by bringing back some spring break memories.


    First, we have to set the scene.  You are surrounded by an aqua blue ocean, a warm breeze is blowing and there is not a cloud in the sky. College kids from all around the world have come together to have some of the best times of their lives. Guess what? You are there to join in on the unforgettable time!Whether you arrive during the day or night the music will be bumping and the party will be going on right in your resort. Really the parties take place anywhere. Room parties, balcony parties, pool parties, beach parties, on site resort parties, and downtown club parties. You can literally party anywhere with anyone at any time. Cancun is pretty much limitless.

    When the sun goes down the party rages on. With buses that conveniently take you right to downtown Cancun you will feel like you’ve stepped onto the Vegas strip. A line of bars and clubs will greet you with blaring music, endless drinks and excellent service. STS Travel offers party packages that will get you VIP access and express entry into clubs throughout your stay in Cancun. The night life varies from outdoor bars to stadium sized clubs. Theme nights take the experience up a notch even more. Glow parties, foam parties, and a booze cruise are some of the most epic spring break parties you can ever have the pleasure of being a part of. You can find bars and clubs like The City, Senor Frogs, Dady O’s, Coco Bongo, Mandala Beach, Palazzo and more!


    Downtown Cancun also offers many local Mexican restaurants that are sure to provide you the best taco, quesadilla, and margarita you’ve ever had. You don’t know real Mexican food until you have had it in Mexico! Once you’re done eating why not shop around at the local street vendors. Many items sold are hand crafted and one of a kind. These are perfect souvenirs to bring back to family and friends or keep them for yourself as reminders of your trip.

    We cannot forget to mention our legendary Booze Cruise. This is by far one of the STS staff members and STS Spring breakers favorite events.  Here’s the deal: Private Island, unlimited drinks, buffet dinner, wet t-shirt contest, drinking contests, booty shaking contests, beer chugging contest, and a party boat. If you are not coming up with a visual yet let me paint you a picture. This island is like the biggest college party you’ve ever been to but the Mexican version and with guys and girls from colleges all over the world. Can you think of anything more Spring break?


    You are not going to want to miss this. Close your eyes and envision this… you will be stuck on an island full of sexy ladies and hot guys. From the second you step on the boat you will be provided with bottomless booze, the latest music from our DJ, and the pleasure of meeting Burrito the man, the myth, the legend and the man on the mic. Get ready to witness some of the craziest contests you’ll ever see. Let’s just say I hope you’re not shy. You will be moving with the music and the waves as we cruise over to our private party island. Once we arrive, you are greeted with an open buffet, open bar, and endless opportunities with the people of your choice. You may have been drunk on a boat before but this evening ride takes boozing and cruising to a whole other level so get your camera phones ready.


    Looking back at Cancun 2015 STS can truly say it was one of the best Spring Breaks ever! When all was said and done there were countless pictures and memories that keep us looking forward to heading back to Cancun. We are already counting down the days until Spring break 2016, hope to see you there!

    Instagram Contest Winner!

    Congratulations @rae_miller12 for winning the Spring Break 2015 Instagram contest! Her picture certainly makes us want to go back to Cancun. We had hundreds of entries and would like to thank everyone who participated by hash tagging their best spring breaks pictures with #stsspringbreak15.

    Due to overwhelming request STS Travel will be holding another Instagram Contest this summer.Keep following us for more details and a chance to be our next lucky winner!

    For more pictures like @rae_miller12 check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. Our 2015 videos are also coming soon. Who knows you and your friends could be featured in them!

    Above all, it’s never too early to start planning your 2016 Spring break trip. Contact STS Travel today to get the best rates at all our destinations!

    What is a Campus Rep?

    Baltimore, MD – Megan Lynch


    You may have seen STS staff members posting things about becoming a campus rep (rep) and wondering what is a rep and why would I want to be one? Well, let me tell you. Not only will becoming a rep benefit you, but it will also benefit your friends. If you know a lot of party people who want to book a Spring break trip or if you are part of a fraternity/sorority, sports club or any organization, becoming a rep is right up your alley. Even if you are not part of a group,  but still think you are “the big man on campus,” this is just right for you.


    A rep is a college student who promotes STS Spring Break trips. You serve as a group leader who forwards the information about the trips to your friends. Reps can easily keep track of everyone who books though them with what we call a “rep code.” For instance, if you are in a sorority and you know all of your sorority sisters want to book a trip to Cancun, you will pass along all the details through the STS Travel website and you will get the credit with your rep code. All payments are made directly on-line so you don’t have to worry about collecting deposits or payments. Your primary job is promoting the trip.


    Why wouldn’t you become a rep is the real question. For every 15 people you get to book you receive a free trip. That means you are going for FREE. That’s right; free airfare, free stay, free everything! When you book more than 15 you just keep earning. Commission is limitless so the more trips you sell, the more you earn. In this past year we even had a rep make up to $30,000.

    For even more earnings, we pay you for referring other groups and friends. Say for example, you go to University of Maryland and have a group going but your friend from Towson also wants to become a rep and bring another group of students. By referring STS and getting the Towson group to book you will  be making money off both groups.


    It’s simple. All you have to do is contact a STS staff member. Go to www.ststravel.com/salesreps/become-a-rep or call toll free at 1-800-648-4849. From there, they will set you up and give you advice on how to make the most out of being a rep. The more people you get to book the more benefits you get out of it. You can be set up within the hour of contacting STS Travel.

    So, what are you waiting for? It is never too early to become a STS campus rep for Spring Break 2016!

    Post-Spring Break Detox Tips

    Spring Break — Megan Lynch


    Whether you visited Cancun, Punta Cana, Jamaica or the Bahamas your Spring Break has come to an end. It’s time to pack your bags, shake out the sand and board your flight. Wave goodbye to your new Oasis friends and grab the Instagram’s of those girls you met in the Barcelo Punta Cana lobby. While the entire week-long debauchery was the time of your life, it also probably wreaked some havoc on your hair, skin and overall bodily health. Not that there is anything wrong with a bit of boozing and partying in the sun but we’re here to help ease you back into the real-world. Here are some STS Travel Staff tips and tricks tried, tested and approved!


    Water is always a must but especially coming back from a week-long expedition to sunny Bahamas. Be sure to drink Gatorade or your drink of choice with lots of electrolytes that will help you recharge your body. Hydration is key to getting yourself back into gear and ready for next year’s Spring Break getaway.


    Everyone should have a vacation from their vacation. You may not have had the chance to experience the spa at the Hard Rock Hotel so be sure to book when you come back home. Massages will help rid your body of toxins and a facial will get your skin glowing after a week of salt, sea and wind from the Punta Cana Booze Cruise.


    Cheesburgers and Chipotle may be your detox go-to’s but try to refrain from salty, dehydrating and carb-heavy food choices. Even though you don’t have the luxury of the Grand Palladium’s buffet’s, you can still try to aim for vegetables, fruits and proteins. This will give you more energy where heavier foods will make you even more lazy and tired after all the travel.


    Yoga, Zumba or any exercise class will do you some good. A lot of effort goes into our Spring Break bodies and summer is right around the corner! You can still mentally be cliff-diving in Negril while getting your “Om” on back at home. It is important to get prepared to end your semester off strong and having a relaxed mentality will definitely help!


    If you didn’t take them before, you definitely must start now! It is really hard to get into a routine but after partying all night, every night in the Cancun Clubs it is so crucial to get your body back into shape. The Infusion parties are completely insane and out-of-this-world so when you get back, be sure to hit the GMC or CVS for some personal health TLC.


    Get yourself back into a routine. It is extremely easy to lose track of time between the drinks at Ocho Rios’ Margaritaville, beach parties, Catamaran Cruises and swimming with dolphins. Getting yourself back into a steady routine will help in getting yourself out of vacation mode and back into regular school-partying mode.


    With multiple social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and even phone numbers – you never have to really say goodbye to your new Spring Break crew. You will meet so many people in the lobby at Riu Negril and at the bars from staying at Breezes in the Bahamas. Be sure to also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and email! We will have all the latest Spring Break updates for 2016.


    Let’s face it, you’re going to continue partying. What else is college for? Well, maybe you’ll fit in some studying here and there. Be sure to carry on Spring Break with you where ever you are! Think of those dirty frat basements as Cancun’s Senor Frogs to make it seem less like a frat basement. Replay the nights from Oro while standing in the long bathroom lines at your local college dive bar. Spring Break will come again, we promise you that.

    Spring Break Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana

    Punta Cana,Spring Break — Megan Lynch

    There is never any doubt as to who has just arrived on spring break  and those that have been here in Punta Cana for a few days already. Pale skin usually gives it away, but you can always tell on the weeks experienced spring breaker based on the amount of wristbands collected on their arm. The more wristbands, the more fun. The casino here at the Hard Rock hotel was packed full of both last night. The clinging of the slots and the excitement from the craps table were at a high. The night is alive with social cheers, snapchat selfies, and gambling fun. As a crowd gathers around the black jack table, the chips go down and the cards are dealt. Another crowd joins the craps table and a new spring breaker grabs the dice, shakes his hand and lets it roll….

    Punta Cana Hard Rock Hotel Spring Break Casino

    Club Oro in Punta Cana Spring Break 2015

    Punta Cana,Spring Break — Megan Lynch

    jumbotron_Venue_eac0d2edaefa9c88bc56a24c8496f613 (1)

    Our Spring Breakers are having the time of their life on vacation! Our first week of Spring Break was wild and insane with hundreds of college students in Cancun, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Punta Cana and other sunny destinations. The parties were non-stop. Here is what one of our STS Spring Breaker’s thought of Oro at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana!

    Club ‘Oro’ hosted the next STS spring break party in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  The environment was overwhelmingly exciting as you enter the Hard Rock Hotel. Club Oro is located at the end of the ‘The Boulevard.’ The Boulevard is a long vast hallway of stores, restaurants and bars with energy and music spilling out from inside each door.

    We walk up to the roped off entrance and Oro staff let STS Spring Breakers through a VIP line to strap on another wristband and once again the party is off and running. The dance floor is alive with lasers and smoke. As everyone dances the night away, the STS Campus reps are led to a lounge sitting above the dance floor with private bottle service. An entertainer dressed in a LED helmet and jacket steals the show as it lights up in sync with the beat of the music. This is the best dance party in Punta Cana.


    STS Travel Spring Break 2015 Travel Tips


    As a college student, this is the time where you are starting to count down the days until you can board your flight to your ultimate  Spring Break destination. Spring Break is meant to be the time of your life! Beautiful beaches in Cancun and cliff-diving in Jamaica – the setting is perfect for you to have an amazing week.  So you can have an amazing week and stay safe, here are a few travel tips so that Spring Break 2015 will be the best!

    Keep important personal possessions at home! 

    If you have special jewelry, expensive clothing and electronics, be sure NOT to take them with you. You will be too busy enjoying the beach and it is not worth risking anything that could be important to you.

    Bring sunscreen and tan responsibly. 

    Especially if you burn easily, having a bad burn over your Spring Break can ruin anyone’s good time. No one wants to look like a lobster and be stuck in their hotel room all week. Be sure to bring sunscreen and practice sun-safety!

    Make copies of your identification, passport and important documents. 

    If you do lose any important documentation, it is crucial to have a copy of it. It makes renewing your items much easier and gives you the peace of mind that you have a back-up plan, just in case!

    Keep a phone book.

    While this may seem old-school, in case of any loss or theft you may need to contact people. Write down important phone numbers, email addresses or other contact information.

    Have Semi-Responsible Fun!

    There is an endless amount of alcohol on Spring Break. We encourage you to drink responsibly and be aware! For example, drinking in hot tubs is not safe, especially if you are alone. Never leave your drink unattended and be sure to see where your drink is coming from and who is opening it. Think twice about swimming while intoxicated, especially as the sun sets.

    6. Use the buddy system. 

    You may be going with just one other person or a group of 200, but be sure to always have a buddy and know where they are. This is important because you will always have someone looking out for you!

    7. Health is key!

    Be sure to get proper vaccines depending on your location of Spring Break. Also be sure to check water and food warnings. For example, stay away from the tap water and ice. In some hotel zones it is safe, but just to be cautious stick to bottle water.

    8. “YOLO” is not a thing anymore. 

    Spontaneity is wonderful. Go out and explore; this is your Spring Break of adventure! But be sure to be smart and trust your instincts. If a situation seems unsafe, find someone for help or get your buddy.

    9. Know the locality. 

    Find out if you will have service and if there will be wi-fi available at your hotel. Do some research on where your hotel is located, where the nearest police stations and hospitals are. Also be sure to know where the American embassy is located and how to get there if need be.

    10. Enjoy yourself! 

    Spring Break 2015 is going to be an amazing time no matter where you go. Hundreds of college students across the country will be in the islands or Mexico with you for the best week of their life. Enjoy!



    Here it is! The official release of the INFUSION STS Party Lineup. Foam parties, DJs known world-wide and epic beach parties will keep you going all Spring Break long. Open bars and VIP treatment wait for you at every venue. Dress to impress at clubs like Palazzo and The City or go beach-chic at Mandala Beach Club. Find out more information about Cancun’s nightlife on our guide! Be sure to book your Party Package today and don’t miss out on the best parties and insane venues that Cancun has to offer on Spring Break.


    Friday 27                             Palazzo                                  Open Bar

    Saturday 28                        Senor Frogs                          Open Bar

    Sunday 01                           The City                                Foam Party

    Monday 02                         Mandala                               Mardi Gras

    Tuesday 03                         Coco Bongo        or             The City w/ Chainsmokers*

    Wednesday 04                   Mandala Beach                   Pool Party

    Thursday 05                        Daddy  O                             DJ Ikon

    WEEK TWO | MARCH 6 to MARCH 12

    Friday 06                              Palazzo                                  Open Bar

    Saturday 07                          Frogs                                     Open Bar

    Sunday 08                            The City                                DJ Mako

    Monday 09                           Mandala                              Mardi Gras

    Tuesday 10                           Coco Bongo           or          The City Diplo*

    Wednesday 11                      Mandala Beach                  Jack Novak

    Thursday 12                         Daddy  O                              Alex Dream



    Friday 13                             Palazzo                                 Open Bar

    Saturday 14                        Frogs                                     Open Bar

    Sunday 15                           The City                                DJ Jay Ceooh

    Monday 16                         Mandala                                Mardi Gras

    Tuesday 17                         Coco Bongo         or             The City Oliver Heldens

    Wednesday 18                  Mandala Beach                    Jack Novak

    Thursday 19                      Daddy  O                               Mike Carbonel


    WEEK FOUR | MARCH 20 to MARCH 26

    Friday 20                            Palazzo                                  Open Bar

    Saturday 21                        Frogs                                      Open Bar

    Sunday 22                          The City                                 Stafford Brothers

    Monday 23                        Mandala                                Mardi Gras

    Tuesday 24                        Coco Bongo           or           The City Carnage*

    Wednesday 25                  Mandala Beach                   Jack Novak

    Thursday 26                      Daddy  O                              JD Live


    Friday 27                              The City                               Scribble

    Saturday 28                        Palazzo                                 Stafford Brothers Students pay at the door

    Sunday 29                           Senor Frogs                         GLOW

    Monday 30                         Mandala                               Mardi Gras

    Tuesday 31                         The City                                Lil Jon*

    Wednesday 1                    Mandala Beach                    Pool Party

    Thursday 2                       Daddy O                                 TBA

    *Cover Fee

    Remember that this schedule and all events are subject to change without notice.

    Punta Cana Spring Break Nightlife with STS Travel

    Spring Break — Megan Lynch

    Punta Cana nightlife during Spring Break with STS Travel is surreal. Thousands of college kids from around the world come to party at exclusive nightclubs and bars. Each club is completely unique with amazing sound systems and sexy ambiance. Be prepared to party until the late hours with amazing DJs, unlimited drinks and hottest Spring Break crowd. Need more convincing? Our video will show you everything you need to know about Punta Cana!

    Punta Cana Youtube Spring Break



    Imagine Punta Cana Spring Break


    This is without a doubt one of the best clubs in Punta Cana. There is truly nothing like it. Once you enter, you realize it is a giant cave turned into a club. Drinks are constantly flowing as people dance in front of the elevated stage which hosts top DJs from around the world. VIP tables are tucked into corners of the cave making for a completely unreal and epic experience. Different parts of the cave are split into various dance floors. If you love electro music, there is an entire room for you to party in. The main cave is for the partiers who can’t get enough of Top 40. When there is a large festival or performer, they open the Universe Cave that holds up to 3,000 people. Now that’s a lot of party.

    The dress code here is Vegas style so be sure to dress to impress!



    Coco Bongo Spring Break Punta Cana

    Extravagant stage shows, live entertainment and drinks flowing for hours? How could you say no to this insane party? Coco Bongo is known for their crazy dance floors and stage entertainment. Live bands and dance music keep everyone going all night long in this intense, high voltage party atmosphere. Check out their video from their opening see what craziness is about to ensue when you head there during Spring Break!



    ORO Nightclub Punta Cana Spring Break

    One of Punta Cana’s finest and upscale Spring Break nightclubs, this venue has everything to offer. Located in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, everything is at your fingertips. With two levels, open bars and unrivaled light shows, you haven’t truly been to Punta Cana until you visit ORO on Spring Break. Dress to impress! ORO is styled after Vegas’ and Miami’s hottest nightclubs complete with a two story LED wall and an infinity bar. Dancers take to platforms and on the second level you can look over everything that’s happening below.



    This brand new nightclub is the epitome of Spring Break nightlife. This upscale club is for those who like to party in style but can still turn up and throw down. It is crucial to dress to impress because this club is gorgeous and filled with beautiful people. For the electro lovers, this club is perfect for you. Jewel brings in world renowned DJs and are building a name for themselves and their massive parties. With open bars, hundreds of partiers and multiple levels, you will be in Jewel from open until close.



    Punta Cana Booze Cruise Spring Break

    This is a cannot miss event in Punta Cana. Take the party to the water with unbelievable snorkeling and truly see all that Punta Cana has to offer on your Spring Break. There is a gorgeous zone of coral reef where you can see colorful sea life and immerse yourself in the island. After the excursion, the entire boat turns into a giant party on-board. The crew is absolutely wild!



    Bavaro Soles Chill Out Bar Spring Break

    Open all day and all night, the party never stops. Head to the cabana spots by day to hang out on Bavaro Beach and then be sure to come later at to party with an epic DJ and hundreds of college kids. Right next to NH Real Resort, it’s not far from the massive hotels. Be sure to grab one of their specialty drinks and you absolutely cannot skip on their food! During the day, casual beach attire is perfect for a day in the sun, but dress it up a little bit more for when the beach restaurant turns into a hot night club.



    This is a more down-to-earth and artsy atmosphere compared to some of the other Punta Cana nightlife. With live bands, art and other entertainment, this is a refreshing break from the constant rush of a loud and crowded nightclub. If you want a laid back Punta Cana beach vibe, this bar is perfect for you on Spring Break. Happy Hours here are especially amazing!



    All of this is possible with our VIP Spring Break Party Package! Choose between 2 or 3 nights at the most amazing clubs including a night at Imagine and a night at Coco Bongo with the Booze Cruise. This is your ticket to the ultimate Spring Break experience with STS Travel this coming March. We can’t wait to see you there!


    Barcelo Tucancun Beach

    Cancun,Spring Break — Megan Lynch

    Barcelo Tucancun Spring Break

    We love the Barcelo Tucancun Beach in Cancun for Spring Break. This epic resort has everything you could possibly need right on-location. From bars to beaches to lounging at the pool and enjoying fine Mexican cuisine, this hotel has it all. This all-inclusive resort is located in the middle of Cancun’s beautiful white sand beach. It is easy to get from this Spring Break play ground to Cancun’s top clubs and nightlife. The resort has over 334 rooms with a modern Mexican décor. This resort is a great choice for Spring Break because it has awesome pools featuring daily activities and contest. The large pool decks create an awesome atmosphere to meet Spring Breakers from a variety of colleges throughout the US.

    Barcelo Tucancun Restaurants We Love

    Mallorca is the main restaurant open daily with buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each buffet meal offers a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, side options and choice of main entrees. This is the perfect hangover food and for late night munchies. Each night there is a different theme with a variety of flavors along with an excellent view of the Caribbean Sea. The La Claraboya offers delicious sandwiches by day and fish and seafood a la carte for dinner. Mexico Lindo restaurant delivers incomparable Mexican cuisine for dinner. Don’t miss the Don Quijote restaurant with excellent Spanish specialty dishes. You haven’t truly stayed in Cancun until you have had real Mexican cuisine!

    STS Travel’s Favorite Tucancun Bars

    The lobby bar is the perfect place start your evening and meet everyone staying at the resort. Open 4pm – 3am you can find a wide variety of cocktails and drinks while enjoying live music. Located conveniently by the pools are the Wet BarClaraboya Bar and Guacamaya Bar with a great variety of refreshing drinks. Start your night at any of these bars and then head to the wild Cancun clubs!

    Amazing Rooms and Amenities

    The rooms at Barcelo Tucancun Beach are clean with a contemporary modern style. Each room features a wonderful view of either the unique and beautiful turquoise sea or the Nichupe Lagoon with unequaled sunsets. There are also wireless options! The beds are extremely comfortable and perfect to crash in after long hours of partying at the clubs, on the beach or at the pool.

    VIP Party Package

    Complement your stay with the STS VIP Party Package and you will experience the most incredible Spring Break ever. The Party Package will let you skip the lines, party with open bars and unlimited drinks and give you the access to the best clubs and parties.


    Spring Break Cancun Clubs

    Cancun spring break parties are like no other. With the STS Travel VIP INFUSION Package, you will have exclusive access to Cancun clubs and parties with massive sound systems and open bars. Here are some of the best clubs Cancun has to offer during your Spring Break!

    Coco Bongo

    This massively popular club plays host to incredible shows and performers.  An extremely dynamic location, giant screens line the walls as themed shows featuring the likes of The 300, Michael Jackson and Beetlejuice take place. Dance, party and drink the night away as you watch acrobatics and on-stage dancers. With a wide variety of entertainment, it almost resembles a fun house. When you enter, you are given a complimentary shot and there is a maze that guides you into a gigantic dance floor. This is by far one of the coolest Spring Break experiences to be apart of.

    Coco Bongo STS Travel


    Once you see this club, you want to be inside immediately. Grand, roman-like architecture lines the outside walls. This club is larger than Mandala and fits hundreds of people. You will also want to wear more than beach clothes, this where you dress-to-impress! And if you love to party, this is where you need to be. From EDM to rap and hip-hop, the DJ keeps you on the dance floor the entire time.

    This place most resembles New York style clubs and has giant hanging chandeliers from the ceilings. There are open bars and giant screens with amazing light shows and fog that add to this sexy spring break atmosphere.

    Palazzo Spring Break Cancun

    The City

    The City is known as “the mecca” of spring break clubs in Cancun. Dos Equis sponsors massive foam parties and over 2,500 people can fit into this giant venue every night. Major artists like Tiesto, Hardwell, Nicky Romero and Nervo are just a few among the DJs and producers that have made their way down for Spring Break in Cancun. This is the largest nightclub in Latin America and looks as if it is a giant stadium with multiple levels to party the night away on.

    The City Cancun Spring Break Travel

    Mandala Beach Club

    Mandala Beach Club is one of the hottest places to party the day and night away on Spring Break in Cancun. With pools and a stage with DJ pumping the latest music, you will feel like you are on Miami beach. The club is right on the water and hosts some of the best beach parties with big-name entertainers.

    Mandala Beach Club Cancun Spring Break


    Situated as an amphitheater, there are multiple levels of the club you can access. There is stadium-like seating with VIP levels that look down on the massive dance floor. The music at Mandala is unreal and has played host to the likes of Avicii and Calvin Harris. This is a great place if you wan to dance the night away and the drink choices are unreal. The VIP section is almost like a skybox for a club where you can see everything that is happening and enjoy your own private party.

    Mandala Spring Break Cancun

    Senor Frogs

    If you want a more laid back night from the Cancun spring break club scene, Senor Frogs is the perfect venue. Senor Frogs has become a staple of Cancun nightlife and is extremely popular. You haven’t truly been to spring break in Cancun until you visit this ultimate bar. There are specialty drinks and their famous yards. The atmosphere is more intimate and is a great place to dance and meet people. There are also contests on their stage sponsored by various brands and companies.

    Senor Frogs Cancun Spring Break


    If you want to party Vegas-style, this club will cater to your every need. With multiple levels, laser shows, poles and platforms for people to dance on you will never want to leave. This is another club where you should dress to impress and leave the beachwear back at the hotel room. Get ready for a wild night with insane light shows and people dressed in absurd costumes like the Robo man who is covered in robotic, metallic gear.

    Daddy'O Cancun Spring Break

    Carribean Carnival

    Spring Break in Cancun is not complete until you go on the Caribbean Carnival. This boat takes you on a party excursion to the Isla Mujeres. There are endless drinks and a DJ on the boat to get you there and back in style. There is also snorkeling once you get to the island as well as a giant buffet of authentic Mexican food. After you eat, head to where the stage is and open bar for different contests, dancers and more entertainment. One of our favorites is the wet t-shirt contest!

    Caribbean Carnival Cancun Spring Break

    Top 6 Reasons to Spend Spring Break in Punta Cana with STS Travel

    Punta Cana,Spring Break — Megan Lynch

    Punta Cana Spring BreakPunta Cana Spring Break 2015 with STS Travel will be the time of your life! With all-inclusive resorts such as Barcelo’s Dominican Beach and Sirenis Punta Cana Resort Casino & Aquagames that cater to your every need, beautiful beaches, clubs and more – you are guaranteed to have an amazing Spring Break. Our STS staff has the low-down for the best activities, nightlife and beaches you need to try! From Coco Bongo to Imagine, you will party your Spring Break away late into the night. Try zip-lining or taking a dip into the famous Macao Beach after touring beautiful Punta Cana.

    1. All-Inclusive Resorts 

    Punta Cana is especially known for their wide variety of all-inclusive resorts. The island is home to massive complexes that give you everything you could possibly need right on the property so you never have to leave the property if you wish. Barcelo Punta Cana is home to Pueblito Casino bar, open from 7 until sunrise and has a swim–up bar – Bar La Gaviota. The Hard Rock Hotel And Casino is like nothing you have ever experienced before with 24/7 services, top shelf drinks, nightly entertainment and more. Other top resorts include Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa, Melia Caribe Tropical, Riu Bambu, Riu Naiboa and Memories Splash Punta Cana Resort and Casino. These resorts feature everything you need from daily activities by the pool to pool and beach bars, coffee shops, specialty restaurants, spas, theaters and night clubs

    2. Spring Break Nightclubs

    With multiple bars and nightclubs to choose from, you will be partying all night long! Imagine is one of Punta Cana’s hottest Spring Break nightclubs. The entire underground is a cave turned into a club where VIP rooms surround stalactites and fire shows are common entertainment. Another favorite is Oro Nightclub located in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. If you like to party Vegas-style, this is where you need to be.

    Jewel Punta Cana is one of the newest nightclubs to hit the island, but don’t let that fool you. The club specializes in upscale ambiance while party goers dance to electro and house music from the world’s greatest DJs. Another STS Travel staff favorite is Coco Bongo. This place is an insane party scene for Spring Break that gives you an incredible show featuring the best of rock and pop. This atmosphere is insane.

    3. Spring Break Floating Party

    In Punta Cana, your Spring Break isn’t complete without the wild party cruise. You get to see the island from a new perspective while snorkeling and partying the day away, sea-side. Return back to shore to continue the party into the night at one of Punta Cana’s hottest clubs.

    4. 21 Miles of White Beach

    Punta Cana’s beaches are absolutely stunning. With miles of white sand and clear water, you won’t want to leave the beach. Grab the island’s famous Presidente beer, brewed locally in Santo Domingo. If you are feeling more active, put on your snorkeling gear and take to the water! The water is pristine and you will get to see all of Punta Cana’s sealife – up close and personal.

    The Barcelo Dominican Beach also offers an epic beach party! Starting at 11:00, the party goes until 4 a.m. with amazing drinks and music.

    5. VIP Spring Break Package

    No lines. No cover. Open bar. The STS VIP Party package is your key to having an amazing time in Punta Cana. With unlimited access to the clubs and party cruise, this pass will give you the ultimate Spring Break experience of a life time. Oro’s light and sound system is not to be missed waiting in line! The STS VIP Party package includes clubs such as Imagine, Coco Bongo, Oro and the Jewel!

    6. Punta Cana’s Casinos and Bars 

    Many of the hotels on the island come equipped with massive casinos within their complexes. Sirenis Punta Cana Resort offers an amazing casino experience where you can go to their own disco right after your done a hand of black jack. The Grand Palladium also offers an amazing casino experience. If you don’t feel like hitting the beach and want to catch a March Madness game, the sports bar at Barcelo Dominican Beach is where you need to be.

    Find Spring Break Deals and book your Spring Break Package with STS Travel today at www.ststravel.com or call 1(800)648-4849 for more information!

    Featured Spring Break 2015 Hotel: Oasis Cancun

    Cancun,Spring Break — Megan Lynch
    Spring Break Oasis Cancun

    Spring Break Oasis Cancun

    The Oasis Cancun Dance U held during Spring Break at the Oasis Cancun features daily performances by various DJ’s and artists flock to the intense party scene to host out-of-this-world events. Each March thousands of college kids turn the beach town into THE party scene overnight at Oasis Cancun. This is the best place for ragers and we have the STS team’s top tips to having an unreal time on your Spring Break.

    Cancun is the hub of Spring Break action where thousands of college spring breakers make the trek down to Cancun. From Europeans to Canadians, there are thousands of new people to meet! Almost every college across the country is represented.  The STS Travel Staff is there for the entire month and has the low-down for the best parts about Spring Break at the Oasis Cancun. Are you looking for the all-out Spring Break Cancun experience?

    Oasis Cancun Dance U

    We loved that Oasis Cancun raises an enormous stage that stands for the entirety of Spring Break. There are never-ending beach parties completely packed with college students eager to have a wild time. Grab a drink, your bikini and be ready for an insane week. With past performers including the likes of Lil Jon, Cash Cash, Trey Songz, Afrojack, Snoop Dog, DJ Legacy, Sunnie Dae and Kid Ink, you will not run out of entertainment. From the clubs to the pool to the beach, you will see talent from all over the world. Be prepared to dance all week.

    The Oasis Cancun is also famous for hosting their Dance U Festival every spring break. This enormous beach party features celebrities and artists from around the world. Dance the day away to electronic, house, rap, hip-hop and techno music! This is by far one of the best events at Oasis Cancun during Spring Break.

    1/4 Mile Long Pool with Swim-Up Bars

    It is so much fun to meet new people at the pool on Spring Break. There is so much going on and the Oasis Cancun pool is one of the hot spots. Equipped with two fully stocked swim-up bars, you will be sure to enjoy contests and pool-side dancing.  There are poolside DJ’s, contests and other entertainment to keep you fully immersed in Spring Break.

    Yard cups and VIP Cancun Oasis Treatment

    If your 18 and over, grab a cup and you will never find the bottom.  With unlimited domestic liquors and house wine and beer, you will be properly fueled for your entire stay. The infamous Yard Cups come equipped with a hefty strap so you can hang on to it throughout the entire week.

    At the Oasis Cancun stage, you can also lounge at VIP tables and on cabana beds. You won’t have to worry about anything because you can have your own server who will provide you with bottle service. This gets you the best view in the house! If you want to watch the festivities, enjoy the drinks and have an amazing beach view, this is the spot for you on Spring Break.

    Cancun Nightclubs and Nightlife

    At Oasis Cancun you will find Scirocco BarDeli Sports Bar and the Coyote LocoScirocco is the place for you if you love tequila. Opening mid-morning, you can spend the day sampling different varieties of the local liquor. At the Deli Bar, you can enjoy drinks and cocktails from 10:00 a.m. to midnight while rooting for your favorite team. Be prepared for a marathon because you will be partying all week long. When you’re done at the local hotel bars, head to Coyote Loco for different themed parties, music and dancing.

    You can also experience the downtown bars and nightlife with the STS VIP Party Package at some of our favorite clubs such as The City, Dady’O, Senor Frogs and Mandala.

    Variety of Oasis Cancun Restaurants and Bars

    Unlimited food and drinks are at your disposal throughout the Oasis Cancun hotel grounds. Terraza Trattoria has unreal pizza and the Hacienda Sarape is great for authentic Mexican cuisine. There are also fast food and sandwich options for after long nights of Spring Break partying.

    Hungover? There are burgers and outdoor grills that will get you energized to rally for the rest of your Spring Break. Breakfast buffets are also key to recovery and are fully equipped with waffles, pancakes, fresh fruits and other necessities.

    Lobby Bar & Deli Sports Bar  

    If you want to meet people from all over, the lobby bar and Deli bar are a must-visit. Watch the march madness games while chatting up fellow spring breakers from all over. This is one of our favorite spots because you can scope out the scene and who you will be with for the rest of your Spring Break. This is where everyone gets their pregame on before hitting the clubs downtown.

    Find Spring Break Deals and book your Spring Break Package with STS Travel today at www.ststravel.com or call 1(800)648-4849 for more information!

    11 Fitstagrams You Need To Follow Before Spring Break

    Whether you are going on Spring Break to Oasis Cancun, Punta Cana, The Bahamas or Jamaica, everyone wants the best bikini bod. With the holidays well under way and New Years Eve right around the corner, don’t wait until January 1 to make those fitness commitments! Start following these fit Instagrammers and see how you can get Spring Break ready the healthy way and still enjoy the holiday food and fun. Just a few months to go until Spring Break – you can have the perfect vacation and the perfect body, too!


    Fun sock-warmers, motivational quotes and mini-instructional videos. This blonde Pilates and Booty Barre instructor is sure to whoop you into shape so you can dominate the Oasis Cancun beach parties by day and the Infusion Music Festival by night.

    photo 11


    Look absolutely flawless cliff-diving in Negril with this California trainer! He has awesome videos and inspiring training tools to get you in shape in and out of the gym. He promotes Hiit Cardio and also shows the progress of his clients.

    photo 7


    Bring out your inner angel on the beaches of Punta Cana during your Spring Break with Iza Goulart. She gives you a peak into her fitness and lifestyle so you can have a body that deserves wings, too.

    photo 8


    These fitness trainers from Down Under will get you beach Mystic Mountain bikini-body ready with their bootcamps and fitness food ideas.

    photo 9


    If you are looking for a strength-based training routine, this is the perfect Insta for you to follow. For the guys that want macho arms while snorkeling in Nassau, this is what you want on your feed.

    photo 10


    For a collective of Fitstagrams, follow this fitness community. Filled with hundreds of featured accounts, you can learn how to get the perfect lift for the Catamaran Cruise Party from specialized squats and more.

    photo 5


    Here are foodspirations for your fitness journey! Kick those love handles to the curb and be prepared to dance on the tables at Margaritaville on your Spring Break!

    photo 4


    Filled with strictly videos on different workouts from beginners to pros, this account will get you ready for Mexico in no time.

    photo 3


    Inspirational quotes and different yoga poses will get you into peak physical condition fast! You gain both strength as well as the focus and meditation traditional yoga brings.

    photo 2


    Another yoga enthusiast, this Insta account will help you stay motivated to shed pounds in a healthy manner. Confidence is key in those mid-drifts at CoCo Bongo in Punta Cana.

    photo 1


    This is a popular account that helps you get beach body ready with both the right food and exercise! Get fit fast and healthy with their smoothie recipes that will make you the belle of the beach.

    photo 6

    Spring Break Tips & Resources: 6 Steps to the Perfect Spring Break Body Shot

    Scenario: It’s your first real Spring Break and you’ve heard of the infamous “Body Shot” before, but you haven’t ever put it into action. Imagine it now: You are at the Oasis pool bar, someone yells “BODY SHOTS!” and boom; it’s your time to shine. You now have the chance to hone in on those sought-after skills seen in all the Spring Break-themed movies. Consider us your Spring Break guru’s; here’s what you will need to begin: A guy or girl, salt, tequila and lime.

    Cancun Spring Break Body Shot

    Cancun Spring Break Body Shot

    Step 1: Have your partner lay flat on their back.

    Step 2: Pour a little salt on their neck.

    Step 3: Place a cut lime in their mouth.

    Step 4: Grab a shot of tequila and quickly pour it on their belly-button.

    Step 5: Lick the salt and quickly take the shot!

    Step 6: Take the lime and if you’re lucky maybe get a little something extra, too!

    *Please remember to drink responsibly! 


    Cancun,Spring Break — Megan Lynch


    We’re starting our countdown to Spring Break 2015! Click on the flyer below to see your options for your STS Spring Break 2015 Infusion Party Package. The hottest DJ’s and talent, bottles as far as the eye can see and thousands of other Spring Breakers will be waiting to greet you at every club. Take a look at some of the best clubs Cancun has to offer!


    Get a Nightlife” is their motto so if you’re at Dady’O, you know you’ve got one! Dady’O is known as the techno palace of Cancun. The club is formed like a cave with tiered seating surrounding a large dance floor and stage. Famous for its extensive sound, video and psychedelic light shows, Dady’O was rated one of the top 5 dance clubs world-wide. More info?

    Spring Break Party Packages

    CoCo Bongo

    Dance on the floor, dance on the bar, dance wherever you are when you are at Coco Bongo, Cancun’s House of Rock & Pop. The unique club features an entertainment design that not only includes live bands and the best in dance music, but also features extravagant stage shows. You will dance ’til dawn with confetti & streamers falling from the ceiling. The costumes, shows and a high voltage atmosphere come together to give you a complete ‘Party Overdose’ on your 2015 Spring Break! More info?

    The City Cancun

    The City is club for people of all ages, both local to Cancun as well as Spring Breaker’s, to have a great time. The City features a tri-level, state-of-the-art nightclub, a beach club, a lounge, a restaurant and a terrace bar. The facade: A three dimensional city skyline, with skyscrapers, towers, and various styles of architecture. Simply, a city in the middle of Cancun’s party zone. More info?

    Caribbean Carnival Cruise

    The Crazy Caribbean Carnival Cruise to Isla Mujeres (Island of the Women) every year is voted best Spring Break Party! Upon arrival at the island enjoy an exquisite dinner, buffet style. You will also enjoy our open bar. As dinner wraps up, the crowd moves to the amphitheater for a variety of entertainment including a wild array of games and contests organized by the entertainment staff.

    At the end of this beach party you will cruise back to Cancun on the Caribbean Carnaval, where fun will continue. Don’t miss the opportunity of enjoying this spectacular night with entertainment, games, dancing and live music. If you can remember… it is sure to be a night you will not soon forget. More info?


    Palazzo is the newest nightclub to grace the high energy music scene in Cancun’s famed Hotel Zone. Palazzo is known for its luxe modern interior and cutting edge style. Themed party nights keep the club packed and the dance floor HOT! Be prepared to look your best, this club is high glamour at its best! More info?

    Mandala Beach Club

    Located steps away from the City nightclub is Mandala Beach Club situated on the sands of Playa Gaviota Azul. Mandala Beach Club has 32 beach cabanas equipped with misting machines and personal sound systems as well as sundeck, restaurant, sushi bar and multilevel swimming pool. This is your perfect set up for a Spring Break beach party! More info?


    The Spring Break 2014 Guide to Club La Vela in Panama City Beach

    Club La Vela Panama City Beach Spring Break

    Club La Vela in Panama City Beach is the Hottest Club in All of the USA! Especially for Spring Break

    Club La Vela is the largest and most popular nightclub in all of Panama City Beach, and perhaps the United States.  Known as “The Spring Break Spot” Club La Vela boasts many positives for partying hard such as, cheap drinks, friendly bartenders, eight different clubs in one featuring different genres of music, hot looking people, POOLS, and a ton more.  Check out more Spring Break Panama City Beach info at www.ststravel.com  Lets break down the rooms, shall we?  Club La Vela is designed with eight different themed sections:

    The Thunderdome:  Just remodeled for Spring Break last year the large “club inside of a club” this multileveled space holds huge balconies, elevated catwalks, and a sound system, cryogenics (can drop room temperature 40 degrees in 30 seconds!), LED’s, VIP seating with bottle service.  This room alone can rival Vegas!

    The Rock Deck:  This multileveled “concert-venue like room hosts some of America’s hottest touring bands.  This your spot inside La Vela if you aren’t in to EDM or Top 40 hits.

    The Pool Deck:  This is the PCB hot spot for daytime pool parties!  The lagoon shaped pool overlooking the Gulf of Mexico opens at 10 am  and the parties last in to the early morning hours.  Take part in, or just watch, the famous Ms. La Vela Bikini Contest, Wet-N-Wild T-shirt contest and Male Hard Body contest to win cash and prizes.  The energy is turned up a notch at night when the deck transforms in to an outside concert venue hosting famous celebrities.

    The Penthouse:  Located in the Thunderdome the Penthouse features modern décor and posh seating overlooking the club.  Want a little privacy?  This is your place, take advantage of the bottle service and private dance floor.

    NightGallery and Underground:  Located downstairs from the Thunderdome this rave-like atmosphere hosts cutting edge music spun by resident DJ, ScottyEG.  Enjoy intelligent lighting and premium EAW sound.

    The PussyKat Lounge:  Upon entering you will think you have been transported to Ibiza.  Dress to impress to experience the most beautiful people in Panama City Beach.  DJ Chad DeFranco, resident DJ, will be spinning Progressive/Electro House and Trance.

    The Darkroom:  This contained two-story room is one of Club La Vela’s original techno party grounds.  During spring break experience a mix of Hip-Hop and Urban beats while overlooking the energy on the dance floor.

    Two Buck Saloon:  Now here’s a spot with Southern charm!  Have a seat at the bar and enjoy sampling some of the premium Whiskey in the Jack Daniels VIP Lounge.  Shoot some pool, watch a ball game or prop your feet up and relax while listening to DJ Frazzle mix rock and country music.  Bonus:  $2 drink specials 24/7/365!

    Now that you’ve mapped out your party spots in Club La Vela it’s time to get your Panama City Beach Party Package!  The Panamaniac Card is your ticket to an awesome time in PCB, not to mention will save you a ton of money.  Get free cover, 30+ hours of free beer and drinks, big discounts, and your choice of three amazing parties.   Don’t forget to book your beachfront resort in Panama City Beach!


    Spring Break Panama City Beach.  Club La Vela Deck Pool

    Spring Break at the Deck Pool at Club La Vela in Panama City Beach

    MTV is at Oasis Cancun for Spring Break 2014


    MTV U to Invade the Oasis Cancun for Spring Break 2014

    MTV U to Invade the Oasis Cancun for Spring Break 2014

    MTV U has announced the Oasis Cancun resort in Mexico to be Spring break 2014 headquarters from March 19- 25th, 2014.  If you were one of the millions holding your breath waiting for MTV to announce where they will be, wait no more.  MTV U has chosen the all inclusive, beachfront resort, the Oasis Cancun, for spring break from March 19-25th, 2014.  Join STS Travel in this giant week long party in paradise will consist of exclusive performances, pool parties, popular DJs, contests and celebrity appearances.  MTV will be recording live and airing a spring break themed week of programming for everyone at home on the couch missing this epic extravaganza.

    The Oasis Cancun, known as the “entertainment resort”, is located in the highly coveted “Hotel Zone” center to all of the action, beaches and hottest nightclubs.  Don’t want to leave the resort?  The Oasis Cancun is your spring break heaven with 11 bars, 10 restaurants, beach club, ¼ mile lagoon style pool, ½ mile of beachfront and the best of all, free unlimited food and drinks!

    The Oasis Cancun is booking up fast for spring break 2014.  Contact STS Travel to book or get more information at 1-800-648-4849,
    e-mail us
    , or chat with a LiveChat Spring Break specialist on www.ststravel.com.  Don’t miss out on the best spring break party of 2014!

    Chill in Negril for Spring Break Mon’!

    Spring Break in Negril, Jamaica

    Spring Break in Negril, Jamaica!

    Spring Break in Negril, Jamaica.


    No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem Mon!

    Experience the laid back vibe and easy going atmosphere that is Negril, Jamaica for Spring Break 2014.   Kick back and relax with a red stripe under a thatched roof beach bar, soak up the sun on 7 mile beach, party with friends all night at Margaritaville or take a cliff jump 35 feet down in the ocean at world famous Rick’s Cafe.  Your options for fun and activities are endless!

    Not only is Negril laid back, beautiful and relaxing but it is also inexpensive!  This is a Spring Break destination that won’t break the bank.  Also, book any of our five resorts in Negril, Jamaica by December 15, 2013 and get a FREE Booze Cruise excursion!  See hotels in Negril.

    For more information call an STS Travel Rep at 1-800-648-4849, e-mail us, or hit us up on our LiveChat!

    Inexpensive Spring Break Resorts

    Inexpensive Spring Break Resorts Shield’s and Jamaica Tamboo!

    Why Spring Break in Panama City Beach?

    Spring break 2014 is just around the corner. Have you picked your destination yet? Over 500,000 students choose Panama City Beach for Spring break every year. What makes Panama City Beach, F.L. the most popular spring break destination in the United States?

    Top Reasons to Choose Panama City Beach for Spring Break 2014


    Panama City Beach, FL. Spring Break

    Panama City Beach

    Location. No passport required! You can save money and travel by car from almost any point in the USA or hop a short flight down to the emerald coast. Panama City Beach, Florida will make you feel like you are on an exotic island with all of the amenities of home.

    Spring Break Panama City Beach is Budget Friendly!

    Spring Break Panama City Beach is Budget Friendly!

    Price. We know you have been scraping together your change and saving since the day class began for an awesome spring break with your friends. Panama City Beach is the most budget friendly of all spring break destinations. See Rates

    Spring Break Panamaniac

    The Spring Break Panamaniac Card Hooks You Up!

    Panamaniac Card. Speaking of saving money, for $50 the Panamaniac Card will get you free cover at the most popular spring break clubs, over 30 hours of free beer, discounts at restaurants and stores as well as free rides on the Miller-Coors shuttle, cover to the “Glow Party” at Hammerhead Fred’s and more. Get your Panamaniac card here.

    Spring Break Nightlife at La Vela in Panama City Beach.

    Spring Break Nightlife at La Vela in Panama City Beach

    Nightlife. When the sun goes down it’s time to take PCB to the next level. Grab your crew and head over to the largest club in the U.S.; La Vela. Also be sure to party at Spinnaker, Coyote Ugly Saloon, Hammerhead Fred’s, Schooners, Boatyard, Sharky’s, Harpoon Harry’s, Pineapple Willy’s and countless beach bars.  See More

    Spring break panamacity beach

    Spring Break Sprawl across Panama City Beach

    Beach. Picture nine miles of white sand bordering clear emerald waters. Spread across the shoreline are hundreds of thousands of college students soaking up the sun, partying and having the time of their lives.

    Spacious condos at Summit Beach Resort

    Spacious condos at Summit Beach Resort

    Spacious accommodations. A majority of the rooms in Panama City Beach are sold condo style. For example, Summit Beach Resort has one bedroom units can accommodate up to 6 people with two double beds and pull out couches or bunk beds. Each unit also has kitchenettes and private balconies overlooking the Gulf.  See More

    Need a few more reasons to head over to STS Travel and book Panama City Beach for Spring Break 2014? See More

    Book Your Spring Break Group Now- The Oasis Cancun is Selling Out!

    Spring break Travel, Spring Break Packages

    Cancun Spring Break Oasis Cancun


    Oasis Cancun is Selling Out!

    Every year Oasis Cancun is the FIRST spring break resort to sell out! Visit STS Travel now to make your reservation now to guarantee your room at the best spring break resort in all of Cancun!

    Book Now



    Summitt Condominiums in Panama City Beach, Florida for Spring Break


    Summit Condominiums

    Panama City Beach, FL.

    The Summit is made of oversized suites and can accommodate up to 6 people.  All suites have kitchenettes, daily maid service and private balconies looking over the golf.  Summit is also located right in between the two largest spring break clubs in the south- Spinnaker and La Vela!

    Book Now


    Long Beach Resort spring break resort in Panama City Beach, FL.


    Long Beach Resort

    Panama City Beach, FL.

    This beautiful resort is surrounded by 1,300 feet of emerald waters and white powder beach.  Switch it up and take your crew to the tropical Lagoon Pool to hang out.  Each room includes complete kitchen, balconies, living room and more!

    Book Now


    Spring Break Representative, Free Spring Break

    STS Travel’s New Look Ignites Spring Break!

    Spring Break — tracy



    Spring Break Travel - STS Travel






    STS Travel’s New Look Ignites Spring Break!

    Celebrating the upcoming anniversary of 30 years of successful Spring Break Travel, STS Travel rebrands and re-launches the international face of spring break in the newly designed website.  STS Travel offers affordable spring break packages to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Panama City Beach, South Padre Island, Ocho Rios, Negril, Montego Bay, Punta Cana, Nassau, Costa Rica and more!


    The evolution of the STS Travel brand will make it easier for students and travelers across the world to connect with a Spring Break travel expert, ask questions (real-time chat box launching soon!), book travel and gain knowledge of the 12 tropical destinations offered.


    Another added perk to the website is entertainment value!  The site will now display spring break videos of all destinations as well as sneak peeks of behind the scene. Various fun contests will take place year round featuring prizes such as spring break packages, party packages, V.I.P. passes, nightclub passes and more.  The first contest to launch is the hailed “Spring Break Bikini Contest” which will feature weekly top winners tallied from web votes weekly.


    The new STS Travel spring break website encompasses modern design, innovative chat features, vibrant photos, exciting video, spring break resources and more powered by the knowledgeable staff that creates the best Spring Break travel year after year.  We owe our success to our great staff, honest product and loyal customers.  Here’s looking forward to Spring Break 2014!



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    Spring Break 2014 Nassau, Bahamas Headquarters: Breezes Bahamas

    Spring Break 2014 Breezes Bahamas

    Spring Break 2014 Breezes Bahamas

    Nassau, Bahamas is one of the most beautiful of Caribbean Spring Break destinations. Book your Spring Break stay at Breezes Bahamas and enjoy the pristine beachfront atmosphere on the most beautiful beach in the Bahamas; Cable Beach. Breezes Bahamas is located in the middle of all the action! Gather up your group and take a stroll down to one of the many island casino’s for music, table games and nightclub action! Relax on the white sand beach by day or head over to the beautiful pools overlooking the Caribbean Sea to cool off. Be sure to e-mail an STS Travel rep to reserve your spot at Breezes Bahamas for Spring Break 2014!More info on Spring Break 2014 at Breezes Bahamas

    Spring Break Punta Cana: Highlight on the Barcelo Punta Cana

    Spring Break Punta Cana:  Barcelo Punta Cana

    Spring Break Punta Cana: Barcelo Punta Cana


    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is one of the fastest growing Caribbean Spring Break destinations. This unique tropical destination is comprised of cutting edge resorts, innovative nightlife and top notch amenities. STS Travel hooks you up with exclusive parties and VIP Packages to the most popular nightclubs such as Imagine, ORO, El Photobar and more! You will feel like you are worlds away among miles of pristine white sand beaches, perfect temperatures and wild nightlife. More info on Spring Break 2014 at the Barcelo Punta Cana.

    Want to take a look at our other hot spring break destination?  Check us out!


    Spring Break 2014 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

    Spring Break 2014 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


    Spring Break 2014 Cancun Spotlight: Gran Caribe Real Resort and Spa

    Gran Caribe, Cancun Spring Break

    Spotlight on The Gran Caribe in Cancun

    The five star Gran Caribe Real Resort and Spa in Cancun, Mexico has over 487 suites and is located in Cancun’s best location; The Hotel Zone. The famed Hotel Zone is a strip with all of the hottest nightclubs (Coco Bongo, Mandala, Senor Frogs and more!), bars, shopping and resorts all within walking distance. Beachfront Gran Caribe has 8 restaurants, 8 bars, 2 pools, a stocked mini bar in every room as well as a terrace or balcony for you to enjoy the sights of Cancun. This beautiful spring break resort is one of the firsts to sell out so be sure you reserve your suite now!  Call a STS Travel spring break rep at 800-648-4849 or email  (More info on Spring Break 2014 at Gran Caribe Real Resort and Spa)

    Spring Break 2014 Costa Rica Spotlight: Occidental Allegro Papagayo

    Spring Break — tracy
    Spotlight on Occidental Allegrpo Papagayo.  Spring Break in Costa Rica!

    Spotlight on Occidental Allegrpo Papagayo. Spring Break in Costa Rica!

    Spring Break 2014 Costa Rica Spotlight:


    Occidental Allegro Papagayo


    The Occidental Allegro Papagayo is the premier resort for young adults on spring Break featuring on property nightclub, pool parties, contests, four restaurants, four bars, tons of activities and more! This all-inclusive spring break resort is located beachfront along Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast with a backdrop of the mountains of Guanacaste.

    This all-inclusive resort offers never-ending fun with activities from aerobics to SCUBA lessons in the free-form pool, all at no extra cost. Guests eager to explore Papagayo Bay can take shuttle boat (extra charge) to the Private Beach Club. The Allegro Papagayo’s all-inclusive rates allow guests to enjoy all meals, snacks and drinks, including an open bar, weekly cocktail party, activities and sports, Beach Club and live evening entertainment – all included in the nightly room rate. This spectacular all-inclusive resort is just 30 minutes from Liberia’s International airport.   Make Costa Rica your ultimate Spring Break adventure destination!  (More info on Spring Break 2014 at Occidental Allegro Papagayo)

    Ziplining in Costa Rica at Spring Break

    Ziplining in Costa Rica at Spring Break

    Tubing in Costa Rica at Spring Break

    Tubing in Costa Rica at Spring Break

    Spring Break. Volcanoes in Costa Rica

    Spring Break. Volcanoes in Costa Rica

    Surfing in Costa Rica at Spring Break

    Surfing in Costa Rica at Spring Break

    Top 7 Reasons to Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta

    Spring Break 2014 Puerto Vallarta

    Join us at Spring Break 2014 at our new headquarters- The Best Western Plus Suites

     Top 7 Reasons to Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta

    1.  With a climate similar to that of Hawaii Puerto Vallarta is the perfect spring break location.  Count on clear sunny skies with temperatures ranging from the mid 70ºs & 80ºs for your trip.

    2.  Amazing variety of nightlife!  Puerto Vallarta offers state-of-the-art nightclubs with innovative lighting, HD LED dance floors and the most popular EDM artists around.  Take your pick of world famous nightclubs such as Strana, Roo, Senor Frog’s, Hilo, Zoo, Mandala, Punto V and more.  The Best Western Plus Suites are only a few minutes away from all of the action!   Cancun has NOTHING on the nightlife here.  STS Travel also hooks it up with V.I.P. Party Packages by giving you entry to the best clubs without waiting in lines, free drinks and a different themed parties every night!  Plus the clubs stay open until 6 A.M.!

    3.   Puerto Vallarta has been named the Friendliest City in the World by Condé Nast Magazine.  It get’s even friendlier during spring break 😉

    4.  The Malecon.  A Cobblestone boardwalk area that rivals Venice Beach in California.  At the Malecon you can walk for miles and people watch while enjoying endless entertainment such as street performers, sculptures, open air theater, amazing sunsets, shops and eateries.

    5.  Puerto Vallarta offers endless excursions and opportunities for adventure.  Being surrounded by mountains, ocean, bays and jungles means you have a ton of excursions to choose from:  snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding, dolphin and sea lion encounters, whale watching, zip lining, sailing, hiking, scuba, exploring and ATVing among tons of other extreme outdoor activities.  You can book most of your excursions through STS Travel prior to leaving for spring break.  It cuts out the hassle of planning and coming up with the cash leaving you more time to PARTY!

    6.  Beautiful people, hot parties and high energy.  If you can hang with the best of them, than spring break Puerto Vallarta is for you.

    7.  Tequila Tasting Tour (bottoms up!) and Booze Cruises!  A MUST do for Spring Break 2014!

    Want More Information on Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta?  Click Here


    Top Party Schools of 2013 – 2014 Let’s See You Spring Break Rage!

    Princeton review has unveiled it’s much anticipated annual college party school winners for the 2013-2014 school year.  STS Travel can’t wait for these top 10 colleges to show us how it’s done this year at spring break 2014!


    top 10 party schools of 2013 - 2014

    Can You Party with the Best of Them?

    The University of Iowa has taken the crown from West Virginia University who has made a conscious effort to tone down their reputation (er, good job?).   WVU currently holds the #4 spot this year.  Syracuse took the #1 position for the private school list. The rankings were composed from surveys of over 126,000 college students at over 333 campuses across the United States.  The questions consisted of over 80 questions on administration, academics, and general campus lifestyle.  I am totally looking forward to this March when we can rank how hard these students go during the seven day hedonistic debauchery AKA Spring Break 2014!  Take a look below to see the top 10 party schools of 2013-2014.  Think your school should be on this list?  Comment away!

    1.  University of Iowa

    2. University of California- Santa Barbara

    3.  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    4.  West Virginia University

    5.  Syracuse University

    6.  University of Florida

    7.  Ohio University

    8.  University of Wisconsin- Madison

    9.  Penn State University

    10.  Lehigh University

    7 Reasons Why Cancun is the Top Spring Break Destination

    7 Reasons Why Cancun is the Top Spring Break Destination


    Spring Break Cancun, Mexico

    Gran Caribe Resort Cancun, Mexico

    Gather Your Friends and Start Planning the Best Spring Break Trip of Your Life in Cancun, Mexico! Cancun is the Reigning Champ as Top Spring Break Destination Year After Year.


    1. All inclusive 5 star resort packages starting at $899!
    2. Largest pool parties and beach parties
    3. Crystal clear water with long white sand beaches
    4. Incredible nightlife at clubs like Dady O, The City and Coco Bongo
    5. Legendary wet t-shirt contest on Caribbean Carnival
    6. Top EDM DJ’s at the clubs spinning till 4 am
    7. Meet Spring Breakers from all over the world

    Ready to Rage in Cancun, Mexico this Spring Break? Call 1-800-648-4849 to Speak to a rep, or shoot us an e-mail

    7 Reasons Why Jamaica is The Spring Break Spot for Your Crew

    Spring Break Cliff Jumping at Rick's Cafe

    Cliff Jumping at Rick’s Cafe Jamaica

    Grab your crew and head to Jamaica for Spring Break 2014! Jamaica has the best beaches in the Caribbean. Take advantage of the open air bars and Rastafarian attitude.  STS Travel has the best prices on airfare and resort packages for Spring Break!


    1. All inclusive resorts including airfare starting at only $799!
    2. Bar crawl down the beach.  No open container laws mean you can party everywhere!
    3. Amazing Sunsets while downing a rum punch and cliff jumping at Rick’s Café
    4. Insane day parties at Jamaica Tamboo with contests and DJ’s
    5. Party with an open bar until 5 a.m. at places like Margaritaville, Jungle, and Rick’s Café
    6. Special appearances from EDM artists such as Cedric Gervais, Knife Party, and Bob Sinclair
    7. The wildest floating party AKA Booze Cruise

    Check Out Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay Jamaica for Spring Break This Year!

    Spring Break 2014: STS Travel Prep Mode!


    Spring Break 2014:  Get Spring Break Dates and Your Free Trip



    2014 Spring Break Dates

    Check out the 2014 college Spring Break date’s below

    It’s no sooner that Spring Break 2013 has come to a close that Spring Break 2014 is on the radar.  Spring Break with STS Travel  is one of those very important milestones in life you don’t want to leave to the last minute to plan!   Because we are THE spring break experts, we’ve already jumped on the planning process.  We’ve got the best destinations, biggest parties, hottest concerts, top resorts and most importantly, the lowest prices on the best packages.

    You already know a bunch of people who want to go on spring break, so why not organize the group and go free?  Becoming an STS Travel Campus Rep means you could get a free spring break trip, commission and the V.I.P. hook up while you are on location at spring break.  What do you have to do?  Not too much; organize your friends and let us do the rest.  You can pull together your sorority/fraternity, athletic club, student government or just your group of friends and we’ll take care of the logistics.  Give us a call at 1-800-648-4849 or email us at info@ststravel.com and we’ll fill you in on the details of your free spring break!

    Find Your School’s (and everyone else’s) Spring Break 2014 Dates:




    2014 Spring Break Dates
    MA Brandeis University Feb-16 – Feb-23-2014
    NY St. Francis College Feb-16 – Feb-23-2014
    IL Augustana College Feb-23 – Mar-02-2014
    MI University of Michigan-Dearborn Feb-23 – Mar-02-2014
    NY Purchase College, State U of NY Feb-23 – Mar-02-2014
    NY State U of NY at Farmingdale Feb-23 – Mar-02-2014
    CT Sacred Heart University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    FL University of Central Florida Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    GA Kennesaw State University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    IL Lewis University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    IL Loyola University Chicago Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    IN Valparaiso University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    LA Loyola University New Orleans Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    LA Tulane University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    LA Xavier University of Louisiana Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MA Boston College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MA Clark University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MA College of the Holy Cross Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MA Emerson College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MA Northeastern University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MD Loyola College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    ME University of Maine Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MI Adrian College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MI Grand Valley State University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MI Michigan State University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MI Saginaw Valley State University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MI University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MI University of Michigan–Flint Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    MI Western Michigan University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    NC Campbell University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    NC Davidson College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    NC High Point University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    NC Methodist College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    NC University of North Carolina at Wilmington Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    NC University of North Carolina-Charlotte Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    NH Southern New Hampshire University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    NJ Seton Hall University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    NY Niagara University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    NY St. John Fisher College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    NY St. John’s University-Queens Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    OH John Carroll University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    OH Kenyon College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    OH Mount Union College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    OH Ohio Northern University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    OH Ohio University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    OH Shawnee State University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    OH The University of Findlay Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    OH University of Dayton Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    OH Wright State University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    OH Xavier University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Cabrini College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Cedar Crest College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Chestnut Hill College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Duquesne University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Elizabethtown College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Gannon University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA La Salle University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Lebanon Valley College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Lehigh University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Moravian College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Muhlenberg College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Saint Francis College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Susquehanna University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Temple University-Ambler Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Temple University-Main Campus Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Ursinus College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    PA Villanova University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    RI Johnson & Wales University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    SC College of Charleston Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    TN Vanderbilt University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    TX Rice University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    VA Christopher Newport University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    VA College of William and Mary Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    VA Ferrum College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    VA Longwood University Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    VA Mary Baldwin College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    VA Mary Washington College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    VA Roanoke College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    VT Champlain College Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    VT University of Vermont Mar-02 – Mar-09-2014
    AL Auburn University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    AZ Arizona State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    CT Connecticut College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    CT Wesleyan University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    CT Yale University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    DC American University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    DC Georgetown University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    DC Howard University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    DC The Catholic University of America Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    DC The George Washington University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    FL Florida State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    FL University of Miami Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    GA Emory University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    GA University of Georgia Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IA St. Ambrose University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IL Carl Sandburg College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IL Eastern Illinois University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IL Illinois State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IL John A. Logan College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IL Millikin University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IL Monmouth College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IL Northern Illinois University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IL Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IL Southwestern Illinois College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IL Western Illinois University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IN Butler University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IN Indiana State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IN Purdue University Calumet Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IN University of Indianapolis Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IN University of Notre Dame Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IN University of Southern Indiana Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    IN Vincennes University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    KY Eastern Kentucky University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    KY Thomas More College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    KY University of Louisville Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    KY Western Kentucky University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Assumption College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Bentley College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Boston University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Bridgewater State College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Curry College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Dean College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Fitchburg State College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Gordon College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Salem State College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Stonehill College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Suffolk University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Wentworth Institute of Technology Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Westfield State College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MA Wheaton College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MD College of Notre Dame of Maryland Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MD Hood College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MD United States Naval Academy Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MD Washington College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    ME Bowdoin College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MI Central Michigan University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MI Ferris State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MI Northwood University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MI Wayne State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MN St. Cloud State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MN Winona State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MO Missouri State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MO Missouri Western State College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MO Saint Louis University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MO Washington University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MS Mississippi State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MS University of Mississippi Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    MS University of Southern Mississippi Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NC Catawba College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NC Duke University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NC East Carolina University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NC Meredith College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NC University of North Carolina at Asheville Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NC University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NC University of North Carolina at Greensboro Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NC Wake Forest University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NC Western Carolina University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NC Wingate University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NE Creighton University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NH University of New Hampshire Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NJ Fairleigh Dickinson University-Madison Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NJ Fairleigh Dickinson University-Teaneck/Hackensack Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NJ Kean University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NJ Montclair State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NJ The College of New Jersey Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NJ The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Cayuga Community College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Cazenovia College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Clarkson University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Dutchess C.C. Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Fordham University-Rose Hill Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Genesee Community College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Ithaca College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Long Island University-CW Post Campus Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Medaille College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Nazareth College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Russell Sage College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Siena College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Skidmore College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY St. Lawrence University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY State U of NY Coll of A&T at Cobleskill Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY State U of NY College at Cortland Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY SUNY College of Technology-Canton Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Syracuse University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY University at Buffalo Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY University of Rochester Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    NY Wells College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    OH Case Western Reserve University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    OH Cleveland State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    OH Muskingum College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    OH Ohio Wesleyan University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    OH The College of Wooster Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    OH The Ohio State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    OH Wittenberg University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    OH Youngstown State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA Bryn Mawr College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA Bucknell University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA Carnegie Mellon University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA Delaware Valley College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA Dickinson College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA Franklin and Marshall College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA Juniata College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA Mercyhurst College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA Penn State U Harrisburg Campus Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA Penn State University-University Park Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA St. Joseph’s University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA Swarthmore College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA University of Pennsylvania Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA University of Pittsburgh Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    PA University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    RI Bryant College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    RI Providence College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    RI Rhode Island College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    RI Roger Williams University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    RI University of Rhode Island Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    SC Furman University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    SC U of South Carolina Spartanburg Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    SC University of South Carolina Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    SD South Dakota State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    TN Austin Peay State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    TN East Tennessee State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    TN Middle Tennessee State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    TN The University of Memphis Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    TN University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    TX Baylor University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    TX Sam Houston State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    TX Southern Methodist University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    TX Texas A&M University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    TX The University of Texas at Arlington Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    TX The University of Texas at Austin Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    TX University of Houston-Main Campus Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    VA Bridgewater College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    VA James Madison University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    VA Lynchburg College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    VA Old Dominion University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    VA Radford University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    VA Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    VA University of Richmond Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    VA University of Virginia Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    VA Virginia Commonwealth University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    VA Virginia Polytechnic Inst and State University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    VT Green Mountain College Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    WI Marquette University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    WV Shepherd University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    WV University of Charleston Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    WV West Virginia University Mar-09 – Mar-16-2014
    AZ The University of Arizona Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CA University of Southern California Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CO Colorado State University Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CO University of Denver Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CO University of Northern Colorado Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CT Central Connecticut State University Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CT Eastern Connecticut State University Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CT Southern Connecticut State University Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CT Trinity College Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CT University of Connecticut – Hartford Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CT University of Connecticut-Storrs Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CT University of Hartford Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CT University of New Haven Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    CT Western Connecticut State University Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    DC Gallaudet University Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014
    GA Georgia Institute of Technology Mar-16 – Mar-23-2014

    STS Spring Break Instagram Contest

    Cancun,Spring Break — Megan Lynch

    Spring Break may be over but the party never truly ends. Win $1,000 towards your next STS Travel Spring Break trip by entering our Instagram Contest! Simple, easy and with maximum reward – how could you say no?

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